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GM CHECK PLEASE: Custom Weapons

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GM CHECK PLEASE: Custom Weapons

Post  Ephestos on Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:28 am

Hi, im new in the server but not in l2 world. The purpose of this thread is to inform that some values are wrong regarding to Custom Weapons.
Let me show you this:

This Shows that swords have more Damage but less Speed.

Here.. we got:

If you can see, the diference between sword damage and dager damage in every grade is every time more.. so i think that in this Custom stage it would be like +50 more damge than dagger
so, why is that dagger is more powerfull? please change the values of the swords damage.

to be honest, those monster weapons arent very nice to the eye Wink so i have taken some time and bring you this:


i know its in spanish, i know this is not as easy as it looks, but hey, im stuying Computer Engenieery and Sistems, i have plenty of java and c++ knowledge not to say that i used to be Dev in some L2 servers from c4 to Gracia Final (and reading about Gracia Epilogue), so if any question about this, im more than abailable to help.

congrats for a nice server..
see ya


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