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anti hackkkkk

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anti hackkkkk

Post  dem0 on Mon Dec 14, 2009 6:15 pm

rapidshare.com L2Prot.rar (http://rs147.rapidshare.com/files/98819614/L2Prot.rar) check this out maybe help you!

# Enforce GG Authorization from client
# Login server will kick client if client bypassed GameGuard authentication
ForceGGAuth= True

# Bypass exploit protection
BypassValidation = True

# Enforce gameguard for clients
# GameGuardEnforce - enforces gameguard query on character login
# GameGuardProhibitAction - dont allow player to perform trade, talk with npc
# and move until gameguard reply received
GameGuardEnforce = True
GameGuardProhibitAction = True

In the patch you must have GameGuard otherways we all kicked out from server.

I am not sure but test it..


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